Explore the depths with The Water People Organization

Explore The Depths With Water People

Embarking on a unique exploration of the underwater world, the Water People organization sets the stage for a distinctive approach to freediving. 

This article unravels the layers of their approach, from extended courses to eco-conscious practices.

On a rainy Tuesday afternoon, a group of seven individuals gathered at a water sports community cafe, driven by a shared passion for freediving.

Their focus revolved around a unique initiative—Reef Freediver 1, a course developed by Dr. Ibrahim Chalhoub, a certified freediving instructor and a scientific ocean conservationist.

The Water People, a non-governmental organization, formed the backdrop of their discussion, emphasizing their commitment to the underwater world.

Dr. Chalhoub highlighted the fusion of scientific orientation with high standards of freediving, creating a training program that not only imparts skills but also nurtures
scientific curiosity.

Diverging from traditional approaches, Water People Diving School offers extended freediving courses that prioritize skill development over a longer duration.

Safety practices are ingrained in the training, ensuring a joyful freediving experience while maintaining good diving practices.

The core courses, Extended Freediver (EF) and Reef Freediver (RF), are structured in two levels each, providing comprehensive knowledge and skills.

Dr. Chalhoub’s extensive experience in both clinical pharmacy and psychology informs the training with medical and psychological considerations, ensuring a holistic approach.

Certification at Water People Diving School is not just a formality; it signifies a commitment to higher standards, offering freedom to dive confidently anywhere.

The courses come with written manuals that undergo constant review, reflecting the organization’s scientific orientation.

The ultimate goal of the Water People Organization is to create ecologically conscious
freedivers who appreciate the underwater world while minimizing their environmental impact.

The school accepts adult applicants with basic swimming skills, and the requirements for admission ensure a foundation in freediving.

The interconnectedness extends beyond training, with both the freediving school and the NGO actively building local and international networks for collaborative development.

Water People Diving School presents a paradigm shift in freediving education, blending scientific knowledge, extended courses, and a commitment to ocean conservation. 

For those seeking not just a certification but a transformative experience in the underwater realm, Water People offers a distinctive journey.

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