Lemonade Making
in Batroun

Lemonade History in Batroun District

Lemonade is a refreshing drink made from lemons, water, and sugar. It is popular around the world, but especially in Lebanon, where lemons are abundant and have a special cultural significance.

The exact origins of lemonade are unclear, but some historians trace it back to ancient Egypt, where a drink called qatarmizat was made from lemon juice and honey. Others suggest that lemonade was introduced to the Middle East by the Persians, who cultivated lemons and other citrus fruits. The word lemonade comes from the Arabic laymūn (ليمون), which means lemon.

Batroun is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, dating back to the Phoenician era. 
Batroun is famous for its citrus groves, which produce high-quality lemons that are used for making lemonade. The art of lemonade-making has been passed down from generation to generation in Batroun, and is considered a local specialty. 

Guinness World Record for the largest cup of lemonade

In September 2019, Batroun set out to break the existing Guinness World Record for the largest cup of lemonade, which at the time was held by the United States. 

The massive cup of lemonade created in Batroun surpassed the previous record, containing an impressive volume of lemonade, showcasing the city’s commitment to celebrating its citrus heritage on an international stage.

The event garnered significant attention, drawing both local and global media coverage, highlighting Batroun’s dedication to its cultural traditions and its ability to come together as a community for a common cause.

Hilmi's, The True Taste Of Lemonade

Hilmis, a fourth-generation family business, started with three successful sisters who wanted to share their special lemonade. They opened Hilmis House of Lemonade in Batroun, offering 13 flavors, ice creams, and desserts.

The family’s lemonade-making history dates back to 1888 with their great grandfather, who started a small business inspired by Batroun’s lemon trees. Patriarch Howayek preferred Hilmi’s lemonade during his visits to northern Lebanon. In 1962, their grandfather opened Chez Hilmi, serving cakes, ice cream, Arabic sweets, lemonade, and cold sandwiches. Chez Hilmi became a regional favorite, earning the national cedar medal.

Today, Hilmis House of Lemonade features the world’s only lemonade museum, showcasing ancestral utensils. 

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