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Batroun Traders Association

Founded in 1978, Batroun Traders Association seeks to represent the traders of Batroun and to defend their interests.

Building a Better Batroun for All

We strive to:

– Promote Batroun district as a sustainable touristic destination and a business friendly city.

– Defend the interests of the traders of Batroun and support them when needed.

– Organize several events to attract new people from different ages and social categories.

– Enhance the commercial position of Batroun by organizing exhibitions, seminars and social and economic gatherings.

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Gobatroun is dedicated to providing you with the most comprehensive and accurate information about Batroun district. We go the extra mile to ensure that our visitors have everything they need to plan their perfect trip.

We Love To Explore​

We are passionate about Batroun and its many hidden gems. We love to explore the city and discover new things to share with our visitors.

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We love Batroun and we want to share our passion with you. We’ve explored every corner of this beautiful city, from its ancient ruins to its vibrant nightlife.

We Keep It Simple

We don’t want our visitors to be overwhelmed with information. We keep our website simple and easy to navigate, so visitors can easily find the information they need.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

Batroun Marketplace

Our marketplace features a variety of vendors offering a wide range of services, from golf cart rental to sailing. Whether you’re looking for a way to get around town, or a unique experience to enjoy during your stay, we have something for you.

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