Discover Four Spots for Authentic Daily Lebanese Tabekh in Batroun

Discover Four Spots for Authentic Daily Lebanese Tabekh in Batroun

“Tabekh” is a term from Lebanese cuisine, representing traditional home-cooked comfort dishes characterized by fresh ingredients, herbs, spices, and authenticity.

While Batroun offers various fast-food options, there’s a growing desire among locals and tourists for authentic Lebanese “tabekh” flavors. Fortunately, several Batroun spots are preserving tradition, serving classic Lebanese dishes that truly capture local tastes.

Chef Georges 

Chef Georges prepares a daily Plat du Jour featuring some of the most mouthwatering Lebanese dishes, perfect for both work and home deliveries.

Merchak Café

Merchak Café, renowned for its diverse culinary offerings, features Lebanese “tabekh” on its Plat du Jour menu, presenting an appealing option for discerning diners seeking authentic Lebanese flavors.

Min Tabkhetna 

Managed by Lebanese women, this restaurant presents a daily selection of authentic Lebanese “tabekh” dishes, complemented by a range of delightful Lebanese desserts.

Teta’s mezza house 

Within Batroun’s bustling souk, you’ll find Teta’s mezza house, a charming restaurant that proudly serves a diverse array of traditional Lebanese mezze, delighting both locals and visitors alike.

So, the next time you find yourself in Batroun, don’t miss the opportunity to savor the genuine tastes of Lebanese “tabekh” and experience its true essence.

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