Tannourine’s magnificent landscapes blend nature’s gifts with human creativity. It features monasteries, churches, castles, and artistic structures, enhanced by hotels, and artificial lakes, offering comfort and beauty to both heart and soul.

Our Lady of Transition

Our Lady of Transition

The church was built over an older church from the 8th century and at one point, was one of the biggest churches in Lebanon.


Al-Rahwa Spring

It originates from a cave located at an altitude of 2150 meters.

Monastery of Saint Antonios

Monastery of St. Antonios

Tannourine and its surrounding count more than 50 religious sites including the Monastery of Saint Antonios in Wata Houb.

Tannourine cedar reserve

The Tannourine Cedar Reserve is one of the most biggest cedar forests in Lebanon. It is located at an altitude of 1200 to 1850 meters and contains over 350,000 cedar trees.

der houb

Deir Houb Cave

Deir Houb Cave features stunning stalagmites and stalactites.

Wadi Tannourine

Wadi Tannourine is an expanse of marvelous scenery, filled with fields of flowers and trees that will blow away any nature lover. While the journey to reach this spot is quite a hefty one, it is definitely worth it!

Top Listings in Tannourine

You can get to tannourine via different roads:

– Via Batroun, Basateen Al-Asi, Kafr Halda, and Tannourine

– Jbeil Road, Saint Charbel Junction, Ehmej, Laqlouq, and Tannourine

– Tripoli via Amioun, Darbla, and Tannourine

– Bsharri via Hadath, Jubba Harissa, and Tannourine

– From the Jbeil outskirts via Lhasa, Aqoura, Laqlouq, and Tannourine