Rachana is a small village in the Batroun district, located about 55 kilometers from Beirut. It is known for its unique International Park of Sculpture. In 1997, UNESCO dubbed Rachana a “Global Village of Outdoor Sculpture”.

Basbous Museum

It is an open-air museum, by the three sculpture brothers: Michel Basbous (1921-1981), Alfred Basbous (1924-2006), and Youssef Basbous (1929-2001).

Mohtaraf Anachar Basbous

Created by Lebanese artist Anachar Basbous and architect Jawdat Arnouk, MAB blends local architectural traditions with raw concrete, serving as a beautiful container for the artist's sculptural artworks.

St. Maroun Church

The church is dedicated to Saint Maroun, the patron saint of Lebanon. The church is made of traditional Lebanese stone, and features a number of unique architectural elements.

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You can get to Rachana via different roads:

– Batroun, Kfar Aabida, Thoum, Madfoun, Rachana
– Tripoli, Qalamoun, Anfeh, Chekka, Heri, Hamat, Batroun, Kfar Aabida, Thoum, Madfoun, Rachana
– Beirut, Dbayeh, Antelias, Jounieh, Jbeil, Aamchit, Madfoun, Thoum, Rachana
– Tannourine, Beit Chlela, Daael, Boqsmaiya, Kfar Hay, Bejdarfel, Kfifan, Rachana