Hamat is Known for its beautiful scenery, its rich history, and its religious significance.

The Monastery of Our Lady of Nourieh

This historic monastery is one of the most popular pilgrimage sites in Lebanon. The Monastery, built in the upper part of the Ras el Chaq'aa (The face of God) cape, dates back to the 17th century.

St. Simeon Monastery

The monastery was founded in the 6th century and is located on a hilltop.

Saint-Elias hamat

St. Elias church

The church is believed to have been built in the 17th century, but it is possible that it is even older.

Hamat Old Tunnel

The site commonly referred to as the "Chekka Old Tunnel" is actually the Hamat Old Tunnel. It is accompanied by a scenic hiking trail, making it a must-visit destination.

Ras el Chaq'aa

Located between the ancient cities of Batroun and Tripoli, the coastal cape forms a large barrier that cuts through the coast of Lebanon.

Our Lady of Al-Harshieh Church

The Greek Orthodox Church of Our Lady of Hersheyeh, is located in a natural cave to the west of the town.

You can get to hamat via different Roads:

– Batroun, Koubba, Selaata, Hamat
– Beirut, Dbayeh, Jounieh, Jbeil, Aamchit, Madfoun, Kfar Aabida Batroun, Hamat
– Tripoli, Qalmoun, Anfeh, Chekka, Heri, Hamat
– Tannourine, Kfarhelda, Kfar Hay, Ijdabra, Batroun, Selaata, Hamat
– Tannourine, Kfahelda, Majdal, Kaftoun, Kfarhata, Ras Nhach, Hamat
– Tannourine, Kfahelda, Dar Baachtar, Amioun, Kfar Hazir, Chekka, Heri, Hamat