Named one of the best tourism villages in the world by the UNWTO in 2023, Douma is a timeless village perched amidst majestic mountains, where centuries of culture blend seamlessly with breathtaking natural beauty.

Douma Old Souks

Douma's old souks transport you back in time, with narrow cobblestone streets lined with charming shops and stalls.

Exquisite Architecture

Douma is also known for its traditional architecture. The village is home to many old houses with red tile roofs and stone walls.

douma cinema

Cinema Douma

This old cinema opened in 1951, and it was a popular hangout spot back then. Big films were screened there such as Antar & Abla.

Churches in Douma

Faith and history intertwine in a tapestry of stunning churches that grace the picturesque village.

Douma Municipality

The municipality building was established in 1881 and is the third oldest municipality in Lebanon after the municipalities of Deir al-Qamar and Beirut.

douma hiking

Hiking Trails

Douma has many hidden trails perfect for hiking and enjoying picturesque views. There’s also the Damascus railway road that starts from Douma and reaches Balou’ al Bal’aa.

Top Listings in Douma

You can get to Douma Via Different Roads:

– Batroun, Ijdabra, Kfar Hay, Kfarhelda, Douma
– Batroun, Ijdabra, Kfar Hay, Assia, Bchaaleh, Douma
– Tripoli, Qalmoun, Anfeh, Chekka, Kfar Hazir, Dar Baachtar, Deir Billa, Beit Chlela, Douma
– Tripoli, Qalmoun, Anfeh, Chekka, Heri, Batroun, Ijdabra, Kfar Hay, Kfarhelda, Douma
– Tripoli, Dahr El Ein, Bsarma, Kfaraakka, Wata Fares, Deir Bella, Beit Chlela, Douma
– Beirut, Dbayeh, Jounieh, Jbeil, Aamchit, Madfoun, Thoum, Kfar Aabida, Batroun, Ijdabra, Kfar Hay, Kfarhelda, Douma