Bchaaleh is one of the most beautiful towns of the district. It rises 1200 to 1350 m above the sea. It is about 70 km from Beirut.

Bchaaleh Olives

When entering Bchaaleh from the south, eleven magnificent Centennial Olive Trees will greet you. These trees, known as “Noah’s Olive Trees”, are thousands of years old.

Hosn Bchaaleh

At its northern end, the Hosn Fortress stands amongst its Greek, Roman and Byzantine ruins.

st stephen's pastoral church

St. Stephen church

In the town center stands the Saint Stephen’s pastoral church.

Our Lady of Blata Church

The Church of Our Lady of Blata is located in the center of the town, northeast of the Parish Church of Saint Stephen.

Bchaaleh Trails, image of trails of Nature in Bchaaleh

Bchaaleh Trails

It offers visitors a unique opportunity to experience the natural beauty, history, and culture of the region through a variety of hiking trails and activities.

monastery of st doumit

Monastery of St. Doumit

Saint Doumit Monastery is one of the oldest religious shrines, located on a hill overlooking the sea south of the town.

Top Listings in Bchaaleh

You can get to Bchaaleh from Byblos and Batroun via six roads:

– Batroun, Boxmaya, Asia, Bchaaleh
– Batroun, Kour, Asia, Bchaaleh
– Batroun, Beit Chlala, Douma, Bchaaleh
– Jbeil, Amshit, Lehfed, Tartij, Bchaaleh
– Jbeil, Amshit, Mayfouq, Tartij, Bchaaleh
– Jbeil, Annaya, Meshmesh, Tartij, Bchaaleh