Batroun One Day Itineraries

Find some vacation inspiration for One Day spent in Batroun

A Day of Enriching Experiences

Embark on an extraordinary day of cultural immersion as you delve into the heart of local traditions, vibrant art, and captivating stories.

A Day of Heritage, Scenic Wonders, and Souk Delights

Furn Merchak, image of cheese manouche with vegetables


1- Breakfast:
Have a Lebanese breakfast, delight in traditional dishes such as mana'eesh, labneh at Mankouchet Merchak.
2-Visit Musée Henry BB:
Visit Musée Henry BB, it’s a house made from 100 demolished traditional houses in Beirut Located in Batroun

Pierre and Friends, image of the bar with the Seaview at sunset


1- Visit Ixsir Winery:  
Visit Ixsir Winery for a leisurely wine-tasting experience and have a delicious lunch in their special restaurant.


1- Explore Batroun's Old Souk:
Explore Batroun’s Old Souk, experiencing the charm of local shops and historical sites.
2- Dinner:
Have dinner at Teta’s mezza house and enjoy a Traditional Lebanese cuisine.

batroun festival


1- Stroll Along Batroun's Marina:  
Take a leisurely stroll along Batroun's charming marina. The evening ambiance is delightful, with boats gently swaying in the harbor and the sea breeze creating a relaxing atmosphere.
2- Nightcap at Batroun's Bars:  
End your night by visiting one of Batroun's cozy bars. Savor local drinks and mingle with travelers or locals, enjoying the town's nightlife.